This is the first eBook in the Beginners Easy Guide Series. Download your copy of my Beginners Easy Guide to Digital Photography mini eBook.   This easy guide is short, but it packs a punch and gets straight to the point.  And I promise there's no tekky jargon to confuse or bore you!


Say goodbye to auto mode and built in flash for good! If you're a beginner in digital photography, this short, simple and easy to follow eBook is for you. It will help you get to know the 3 essential manual settings on your digital camera so that you can start taking great photos every time.


You'll discover in no time at all that the auto mode is not the best setting on your camera. You'll also understand the importance of light (and dark). Once you understand these things, and you will from this easy to follow eBook, you'll be on your way to enjoying your photography much more than before as you create great images.



Beginners Easy Guide to Basic Digital Photography.

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