Why Are My Photos Blurry?

If you're a beginner reading this blog post, you're in the right place!

Did somebody or something move?

A very common reason for blur in a photo is movement - camera blur or motion blur. I don't mean obvious movement, but the slightest teeniest movement can affect the image like you wouldn't believe, causing the end result to blur. This could even be your breathing whilst you're holding the camera.

if it was camera blur, this means that the camera moved whilst the photo was being taken.

Handy tip: I tend to take a breath in and hold it just before I take a shot. Trust me it makes a difference to the image you end up with.

So be very careful of this. To make sure you absolutely don't move, a tripod might be a good idea.

If it was motion blur this means that your photo subject moved whilst the photo was being taken.

Even though your subject (the person or thing you are photographing) may have moved, maybe they are supposed to be moving. If this is the case, ensure your shutter speed is fast enough to accommodate this. 1/250th of a second (shutter speed) and above is usually quite safe. But it really depends if you're taking a shot of someone walking or riding a bike, or if it's fast sport.

Are you on manual or auto?

Are you shooting on manual or the dreaded auto? Often times on auto setting, the camera tries to take a guess at what you're focusing on. And a lot of the time, it guesses wrong. So, now might be the time to get acquainted with your manual settings.

There are some handy tips and practical exercises on taking photos with your subject on the move in the mini eBook - you can download this from the LEARNING CENTRE.

Handy tip: It might not be movement or shutter speed at all. If your ISO is too high, this will affect the quality sharpness of your image.

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