Beginners Photography Challenge - Taking Control of your Camera Settings

Updated: May 26, 2020

So, as a beginner I bet you've taken loads and loads of photos, and sometimes you get that one shot that's absolutely great, and you can't stop looking at it! Is that you? It certainly used to be me. Pointing and shooting and hoping for the best......... Keep reading, by the time we're finished you'll take more control of your camera and achieve the shots you want!

All too often as a beginner that 'auto' button is firmly set. It really makes photography quite hard, believe it or not. The best photos you'll ever take will be as far away from 'auto' as possible. Trust me, once you know your camera settings, you won't look back. You'll say 'goodbye to auto' for good!

To start you off, work your way through my Beginners Easy Guide to Digital Photography. You can get it here for FREE! It's a very short, sharp no jargon guide and it will set you on your way to moving away from 'auto', and taking control of your photos.

The mini eBook takes no time at all, and once you've done the book, you'll feel better.

Now what I want you to do is:

  • Decide what you want to photograph

  • Decide how you want the end result of your photo to look

  • Set the scene

  • Adjust your camera settings

  • Take your shot

You may not get the result straight away, but keep practicing. Be persistent and in control of your camera. DO NOT GIVE IN TO AUTO! You might need to re-adjust the settings, reposition yourself, reposition your photography subject. All of that doesn't matter. You have an idea of how the shot should look in your head, so keep going at it, and you'll get there. When you do, take note of the settings that go you there. Take note of the environment, the light and everything.

Enjoy and keep practicing! In the meantime, take a look at the shot below. I'm super proud. This is one of my students who took a similar challenge with black and white photography. This is what she planned, and this is what she got!

I hope you got something from this blog post. If you'd like to be in a group of beginners photographers like yourself, head on over to Facebook and join Dee Luci Photography Group. The members are lots of fun and very supportive of each other.

Lots of love!

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