If you're here on my website, I'm chuffed to bits!

I'm Dee and I'm your tutor for the beginners courses, and author of the eBooks found on this site.

I'm a professional photographer with an award winning wedding and family portrait photography business.  

How did it start for me? I used to jump in the car and find a spot to take photos.  I found that sometimes I'd take a really great shot...... and I didn't know how I achieved it, and therefore wasn't able to repeat it (I bet this has happened to you too).  Why?  Because I was on auto-mode and didn't know anything about my camera settings.......and I wasn't in control of the end result.


I attended a beginners digital photography course for 8 weeks, and it changed my life!  I continued to train, progressed through many stages of learning, right up until now........ and I've been mentored by a team of some of the UKs finest photographers!

On my journey I became a professional.  Like many I started experimenting with art photography, landscape and nature photography, until I found my place. People photography is what I love.  Fast forward to now, I am a wedding and family portrait photographer - feel free to have a look at my commercial website at DEE LUCI PHOTOGRAPHY where you will find out more about what I do and my work.

I'm one of those people who believes that whatever we learn, we should share.  Which is why I want to share with you what I've learned over the years.  There are some things I've had to discover for myself (and learn the hard way!), and I will also share those little gems with you. 

After you've trained with me, I want you to feel that sense of camera freedom that I felt after I'd first learned the basic essentials.  I want you to experience that  "wow" feeling after you've taken a great image!

Love Dee xx

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